Master Calendar of Charity Events

Aria! LA Opera

"Summer Opera Ball"

July 25, 1998

Janette Logan Brown (l) and Phyllis Chase arriving at the Ball



A Perfect Evening for Opera Outdoors


Chairs: Melinda Brower, Jessica Lee de Jimenez, Desiree Badr, and Mark Anchor Albert (l to r)


Erika Colvin, Anna Kvasnicka, Stuart Hamlyn and Julie O'Halloran

Neil McGovern, Christine Carter Conway, Desiree Badr and Joel Samuels



Mr. & Mrs. Luis Jimenez


Dancing by the pool



Beautiful desserts from La Opera Ristorante


Jessica Lee de Jimenez, Siri Garber, and Michelle Brockhurst (starring in "Can't Hardley Wait")

Beautiful voices


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