The Master Calendar of Charity Events
in New York

Guggenheim Museum

"Halloween Millennium Madness"

October 29, 1999

The Guggenheim Museum's Annual Costume Ball, presented by the Museum's Young Collector's Council, had stunning costumes, out-of the century hors d'oeuvres, apocalyptic cocktails against the background of the rich and complex imagery of the Francesco Clemente exhibition.

Eva Coppola in an antebellum dress she made herself, with Akira Otani


"Marie Antoinette"-- Bill Miller" (l) with Susan Madden of the Guggenheim Museum and "Louis XVI"--Talbot Logan 

Olga Dipalo, Tim Kalas, Vicky Kalas, Max Portugal, Magdalini Poulos and Angelo Dipalo (l-r)

Marissa Brust of event sponsor, Baume & Mercier, and Tom Brust

Marcello Couginho in front of the "Millennium Wheel"



Elizabeth Menke (l) and Kathy Loucks


Jon Serbin (l), Katia Malmio, and Dana Chasin

Nigel Young (l), Daisy Klingman and "Dr. Evil"-- Jeff Carr



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